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The reservation confirmation is only an estimate. Final charges will be based on the actual time of service rounded up by 15 minutes increments. The actual time of service includes the additional time the chauffeur will need to sweep the vehicle for items left behind after the final drop-off. The customer will be responsible for the cost to return any item left behind to its rightful owner if passengers depart before the vehicle sweep is completed.

All reservations are billed garage-to-garage: the customer is billed from the time the car leaves our garage until the time the car returns to the garage.

Hourly minimums for hourly-as-directed or wait-and-return reservations depend on the vehicle type, the day of the week, and the special event policy in effect. Confirm the hourly minimum applicable to your reservation with our customer service agent.

Hourly trips are billed base-to-base, or garage-to-garage, and for the total number of hours reserved by the customer, even if the actual time used is less than the reserved number of hours. Any provided rate on the confirmation reflects the reserved number of hours with the final charge adjusted to the reserved number of hours or actual duration of the trip; whichever is greater. Some services outside the US and Canada may be based on hourly and mileage/kilometers.
The base rate for your reservation is guaranteed for up to 12 months. However, all incidental charges such as fuel surcharge, Standard Transportation Charge (STC), airport fees, applicable tolls and parking, applicable taxes and other fees are subject to change as necessary any time and without notice until the scheduled service is provided.

The company is not responsible for deviations or service failures caused by accidents, road closures, flight delays, breakdowns, inclement weather, traffic, or any other conditions beyond our control. If any such condition prevents us from providing the scheduled transportation services, the maximum liability the company will assume shall not exceed the projected total cost of the scheduled transportation service.

Our sedans, SUVs, and minibuses can accommodate for their maximum seating capacity only with minimal luggage capacity. Confirm with our customer service for the proper vehicle size that will fit your needs if you have any concerns.
The company can provide a car seat, if available, for an additional fee. Insurance restrictions will not allow any Flying Horse Worldwide employee, staff, or partner representative to install or give instructions on how to utilize a car seat. The customer will be responsible for the installation and assume total liability.

Any reservations scheduled between 11:30 pm and 05:30 am will incur an Off Hours Fee of $20 for Denver Metro or Colorado Springs and $50 for Mountain Resorts.

A $25 Holiday Surcharge will be added for New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve starting at 6:00 PM.

A $25 pet fee will be added for each pet NOT in a crate, except for service animals. But the passenger must disclose at the time of booking that they will have a pet and the pet must be always on a leash for safety reasons.
Customer will be responsible for any damage caused by any passenger or any pet NOT in a crate above and beyond the pet fee. Any parking fees or tolls are additional and will be billed at cost.

The customer is financially responsible for any overnight lodging and per diem for the driver whenever required.
The company reserves the right to substitute any vehicle requested with the same size or higher capacity vehicles at no additional charge and without notice if the requested vehicle type is not available.

A discretionary gratuity has been added for your convenience. The payment of this discretionary gratuity is subject to your complete discretion and may be increased, decreased, or eliminated entirely. All gratuities received are remitted in full to the chauffeur.

The company and the chauffeur reserve the right to terminate a trip for unruly, threatening, or unsafe behavior by passengers at any time.

Special event policy applies for each special event. If a special event policy does not exist for an event such as concert, game, race, festival, and more, all transfers to and from those events will be converted into hourly-as-directed and billed garage-to-garage. The customer will be responsible for the event traffic that may increase the number of billable hours above the hourly minimums. Customers are responsible to disclose the occasion for their transportation needs for a proper quote at the time of booking.

All FBO arrivals are billed hourly if the private jet transponder is blocked and the company is unable to track the flight.
The customer can make changes as necessary within the free cancellation period provided the company has the logistics to accommodate. When the free cancellation window closes, any request to make changes may result in the rebooking of a new service and the initial service billed as scheduled.

Cancellation Policy (Except Special Events):

  • 2 hours for Sedans and SUVs
  • 24 hours for all specialty vehicles including but not limited to Vans and Sprinters and Mountain Resorts
  • 48 hours for Int’l travel
  • Thirty (30) days for any size Coach. A minimum $250 cancellation fee from the time of booking if cancelled thirty (30) days or more before date of service, 50% cancellation fee for 15-29 days before date of service, or full estimated charges if cancelled on or within fourteen (14) days.

Late cancellations will result in the full estimated charge equal to the base fare plus applicable fees and surcharges.
Certain markets, specialty vehicles, and all special events will have varying and unique cancellation policies. You must clarify with your Sales Agent the specific cancellation policy for your reservation or event.

The company is not responsible if the passenger misses his/her flight. If the passenger “No shows” the customer will be responsible for the projected total cost of the reservation.

The company reserves the right to bill hourly for any airport pick up if the passengers are scheduled to arrive onboard different flights.

Wait time applies to all transfer reservations after the grace period ends and is billed in quarter hour increments at the vehicle type’s hourly rate. Grace periods: · non-airport pickups – 15 minutes · Domestic airport arrivals – 30 minutes · International airport arrivals – 45 minutes

One en route stop of a maximum of 5 minutes is complimentary. A $25 stop fee applies for the 1st stop less than 2 miles out of the scheduled route for a maximum of 15 minutes. Wait time applies on top of the fee after the grace period ends. Any additional stops after the 1st stop or any stop more than 2 miles outside the scheduled route will turn the reservation hourly with the applicable minimum billable hours.

Cleaning Fees:

  • The following cleaning and sanitation fees apply for the following conditions:
  • A biohazard cleaning fee of $500 per occurrence
  • A cleaning fee of $250 applies for all other detailed cleaning required for excessive cleaning including but not limited to trash, liquids, mud, and dirt.
  • A cleaning fee up to 8 hours at the vehicle’s hourly rate applies for the ionization process needed to remove any smoke or odor from the vehicle.
  • All stated fees are minimum amounts and the final fee will be solely determined by Flying Horse Worldwides’ management.

Customer is responsible for reviewing the details of this reservation confirmation for accuracy and to reply to this email with the right information if anything herein is incorrect. The company will not assume any liability for service failure if any information herein is incorrect and the customer failed to review and submit the necessary correction.


If you have any questions about this Disclaimer or our Rider Policy and Terms of Service, please contact us at:

BLK Automotive (“Flying Horse Worldwide”)
5913 N. Nevada Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
+1 (800) 844-1146

This document was last updated on January 1, 2023

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