Food, Brewery, Wine Tours

Food, Brewery, Wine Tours



Embark on an unforgettable culinary journey with our Food, Brewery, and Wine Tours. Whether you’re exploring the vibrant food scenes of Colorado Springs or Pueblo or the bustling culinary landscape of Denver and Boulder, Flying Horse Worldwide tours promise to indulge your taste buds and create lasting memories. We provide private luxury ground transportation so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the experience. You can even have a drink or two en route due to our exemption from Colorado’s “open container” law.



Embark on a delectable journey through Colorado’s vibrant culinary scene with our Food, Brewery, and Wine Tours. Whether you’re seeking a memorable night out with friends or looking to create lasting bonds with your team or customers, our tours offer unforgettable experiences that cater to your needs. Discover the best restaurants, breweries, and wineries in the region, each with its own unique flavors and ambiance. We partner with Delicious Foods Denver, who specializes in curating personalized routes that cater to your specific tastes and preferences, ensuring an unforgettable culinary adventure crafted just for you. Let us create a customized tour, tailored to your specific preferences and interests, that showcases the very best of Colorado’s vibrant food and beverage scene.

boulder food scene on pearl street

Boulder Food Scene

pueblo colorado food tours

Pueblo Food Scene

colorado springs food tours

Colorado Springs Food Scene

denver food tours

Denver Food Scene

For Friends and Couples: Savor the Flavors

For friends and couples seeking a night on the town, Flying Horse Worldwide’s Food, Brewery, and Wine Tours provide the perfect opportunity to indulge in a gastronomic adventure. Experience the thriving culinary scene of Colorado while creating lasting memories. Sample craft beers at local breweries, savor exquisite dishes at renowned restaurants, and uncork the finest wines at picturesque wineries. Let us curate a personalized tour that combines the flavors of Colorado with the charm of a memorable night out.

Business Leaders: Build Bonds Through Flavor

For business leaders seeking to foster team unity or strengthen customer relationships, Flying Horse Worldwide’s Food, Brewery, and Wine Tours offer the ideal platform for meaningful connections. Immerse your team, clients or partners in the vibrant food and beverage culture of Colorado, creating shared memories and forging bonds that go beyond the boardroom. Let us tailor a tour that combines culinary delights, team-building activities, and exclusive tastings, ensuring a unique and unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting impression.

For Sports and Concert Fans: Fuel Your Passion

For sports and concert fans looking to elevate their game day or concert experience, our Food, Brewery, and Wine Tours provide the perfect opportunity to indulge in pre and post-event culinary delights. Enhance your day of excitement with a customized tour that includes stops at popular restaurants, breweries, and wineries near sports arenas or concert venues. Fuel your passion with delicious food, craft beers, and local wines, creating a well-rounded experience that complements your love for sports and live entertainment.

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