Standards of Service Policy

Standards of Service Policy

This Standards of Service Policy (“Service Policy”) governs the manner in which BLK Automotive LLC (“Flying Horse Worldwide” or “Company”) employees, contractors, and Network Members perform Services to Company’s Customers and Users. This Service Policy applies to the Services offered by Flying Horse Worldwide and its affiliated companies.

Chauffeur and related transportation services (“Services”) shall be performed consistent with the needs and standards of the Company, its clients, generally accepted industry standards, and in accordance with the provisions of the Global Chauffeur Network Agreement, as follows:

1. Service Standards

1.1. Chauffeurs.​ Chauffeurs shall adhere to ​commonly accepted practices in the industry as it pertains to ​the following:

1.1.0.   Direct Client Booking Requests​. If a client requests a reservation with the chauffeur, the chauffeur should refer the client to text, call or email our office directly. Should the client deem this request to be too inconvenient then the chauffeur should contact our directly with the request.

1.1.1.  Dress​: Chauffeurs are expected to wear a black suit, a nice white or black shirt, and black shoes. For regions where there is inclement weather an appropriate black coat can be worn.  A black or gray hat with no visible logo, can be worn optionally.

1.1.2.  Personal Appearance​: The chauffeur should treat their workspace in a professional manner with hair groomed and styled conservatively, good teeth hygiene, no visible piercings for men, conservative jewelry for women, no visible tattoos, and free of any odor or scent that may be construed by the passenger(s) as unprofessional, unpleasant, or too strong.

1.1.3.  Chauffeur must be able to speak English clearly and be understood by the passenger(s) unless alternate language is requested.

1.1.4.  Smoking.​ Chauffeurs should be free of any smoke odor and will not smoke in, around, or near the vehicle.

1.1.5.  Licensing​. Chauffeurs must be properly licensed and permitted with the correct endorsements for the vehicle type they are operating and required by local, state, national jurisdiction.

1.1.6.  Client Conversation​. Chauffeurs should only engage in casual conversation and generally should only speak when spoken to. The chauffeur should not engage in any controversial or negative subjects regardless of personal beliefs or opinions.

1.1.7.  Confidentiality.​ Chauffeurs are often exposed to personal or sensitive business information. Such conversations or information shall not leave the vehicle. Confidentiality is paramount.

1.1.8.  Gratuity/Payment.​ Network Member chauffeurs may not request gratuity or advanced payment unless specifically instructed by Company.

1.1.9.  Solicitation of Business​. Network Members may not solicit business from any of Company’s clients.

1.1.10.  Pre-Trip Planning.​ Provided there is no change in the itinerary, chauffeurs should not need to ask the client for directions. Routes should be mapped and planned prior to the client entering the vehicle. Failure to comply with this requirement is considered a Service Incident subject to client compensation.

1.1.11.  Uber Black Fleet Members.​ Network Members are expected to create an Uber Black profile and be added to the BLK Automotive Uber Fleet.

1.2. Fleet​.  All vehicles must meet the following industry accepted standards:

1.2.1. Vehicles must be black in color. Exceptions must be authorized by Company.

1.2.2.  All vehicles, including all bus types, must contain working seat belts for every passenger seat.

1.2.3.  Vehicle must be detailed and properly fueled.

1.2.4.  Vehicles must be current on all maintenance including records.

1.2.5.  Vehicles should be stocked with chilled bottled water and optional current reading material.

1.3. Dispatch & Pickup

1.3.1. Chauffeur Assignment.​ Network Member to provide chauffeur name and contact number no less than twenty-four (24) hours prior to scheduled pickup time; adjusted for reservations requiring travel outside main service area. Chauffeurs should be dispatched in a timely manner allowing arrival at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled pickup time.

1.3.4.  Name Signs​. Passenger should be greeted with a name sign per reservation instructions. In the absence of specific instructions the name sign should read first initial followed by last name only. Please use ​LARGE, BOLD letters on signage so that they are clear to the passenger.

1.3.5.  Grace Period.​ Network Members shall extend a 15-minute grace period for clients at no additional charge. Once exceeded, Company’s Dispatch must be notified of ​No Contact and Company will handle any attempts to contact the Customer. Additionally, the vehicle is not to be released without prior approval from Company. Wait Time charges will only be approved provided our office was notified of the delay.

1.3.6.  Monitoring Flights.​ All arriving flights must be monitored to ensure that the chauffeur is in position at the proper time. It will be ​your responsibility to track flights​. Delayed, diverted and cancelled flights are not billable​.

1.3.7.  Airport Greeting.​ Arriving clients should be greeted at the baggage claim for domestic flights and outside of the customs area for international flights with appropriate signage. If this is not the procedure for your airport, please advise Company at the time of booking so that we can notify our client​.

1.3.8.  Releasing Vehicle.​ If you cannot locate a passenger, please follow the protocol below and we will attempt to locate the passenger. ​If the chauffeur leaves or is released by the Network Member without Company authorization, you will not be compensated for the booking​. For domestic arrivals, Chauffeur is to contact Company 30 minutes after flight arrival to advise of ​No Contact​. For international arrivals, Chauffeur is to contact Company 45 minutes after flight arrival to advise of ​No Contact​.

1.3.9.  Client Compensation​. If a client needs to use other means of transportation as a result of a vehicle or chauffeur not being on location, ​you will not be compensated for the transfer and may be ​responsible for covering the cost of the client’s transportation​.

1.3.10.  Status Updates.​ Chauffeur will proactively provide updates through Limo Anywhere’s Driver Anywhere for Start Trip (which automatically communicates ‘on the way’), Arrived (at location, which starts waiting time), Customer In Car, and Passenger Dropped Off.  All trips must be Finalized with accurate In-Car time and Drop-Off time.

1.4. Communication

1.4.1.  Trip Confirmations​. Company requests to receive an acceptance of ride within Limo Anywhere’s Driver Anywhere app within two (2) hours of assignment.

1.4.2.  Client Requested Routing Deviations. Should the client request deviations from the provided itinerary we request you honor the client request and notify Company at the earliest opportunity. No later than during a stop or after client is dropped.  

1.4.3.  Itinerary Confirmations.​ Company may call or text to confirm trip details for assigned reservations 12-24 hours prior to the scheduled pickup time.

1.4.4.  Service Incidents​. In the unfortunate event a Service Incident occurs (e.g. lateness, chauffeur lost, missed client, etc.), we require immediate notification so we can assist with an immediate remedy to minimize the client’s inconvenience. Company and its Network Members share the responsibility of providing remediation for the client. If Network Member fails to advise of the Service Incident until after completion of the service, Company reserves the right to adjust Network Member charges as necessary to remediate the client. We will attempt to work with the Network Member and client to find an acceptable solution satisfactory to all parties. However it is important to Company and its Network Members to consider the long-term benefits of the client relationship and repeat business rather than the single transaction in question.

1.4.5.  Client Requests​. Client requests should be honored unless otherwise specified by our office and you must notify our office as soon as possible to update the reservation. 

1.4.6.  Vehicle Upgrades.​ All vehicle upgrades require authorization from Company.

1.4.7.  If any of these policies cannot be adhered to due to circumstance beyond your control, including weather issues, accidents etc., you must notify Company’s Dispatch immediately and we will attempt to notify our client.

1.5. Private Aviation Pickups

1.5.1.  As with commercial airports, all arriving flights must be monitored to ensure the chauffeur is in position at the proper time. It will be ​your responsibility to track flights. Delayed, diverted and cancelled flights are not billable. ​Chauffeurs are expected to be on location for a private aircraft ​15 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time – adjusted for early/late arrivals.​ Upon arrival the FBO must be alerted by the chauffeur that they are on location for the specific tail number, client name provided, where they will be waiting, and to advise they are with Company.

1.5.2.  In the event the aircraft tracking is blocked by the airline please be on location 30 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time and follow the previous outlined procedures.


1.6.1. Receipts.​ Member to provide an itemized receipt within 48 hours of Service completion. Receipt will include but not limited to: Scheduled Pickup Time Passenger Load Time End Time Discount Network Member and Company Reference Number Itemization of any extra charges

1.6.2.  Wait Time​. Is not billable unless Company is notified and authorization is provided except when original order already notates Authorized Wait.

1.6.3.  Billing for Group Events​. For all group event programs all trips must be processed as one charge on an invoice and ​not charged individually. Individual receipts are still required within 48 hours of Service completion.

If you have any questions about the Global Chauffeur Network Agreement, Privacy Policy or Service Policy please contact us at:

BLK Automotive (“Flying Horse Worldwide”)
5913 N. Nevada Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
+1 (800) 844-1146

This document was last updated on January 1, 2023

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